In Line Flame Arrestors


In Line Flame Arrestor

Bi-directional flame transmission-proof design can stop low, medium, and high-pressure deflagrations and dampen the high velocities and pressures while quenching the flame front. 

The unique design provides larger flame channels which require less frequent maintenance and greater ease in cleaning. The flame cell element offers maximum flow to pressure drop.

Designed with flanged connections, this arrestor allows removal of the flame cell element for easy cleaning and replacement without removing the arrestor body from the pipe connection. 

Standard housing construction is carbon steel and stainless steel. The element is available in stainless steel. Special material and protective coatings are available on request.

Some common objects that have flame arresters are:

  1. Fuel storage tank vents
  2. Fuel gas pipelines
  3. The exhaust system of internal combustion engines

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