End Of Line Flame Arrestors


End Of Line Flame Arrestors

End of line flame arrestors are designed to allow free venting in combination with flame protection for vertical vent applications. Designed with flanged connections, this flame arrestor allows the removal of the flame cell element without the removal of the venting assembly. Standard housing construction is aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. 

End of Line Flame Arrestor is used to stop the propagation of confined and unconfined low pressure deflagrations. 

It prevents an ignited atmospheric vapor cloud from propagating beyond the Flame Arrestor into the vent line or tank.

When dealing with corrosive or hazardous substances, it may be necessary to utilize specialized materials in the construction of the flame arrester. In most instances, a combination of a stainless steel element and either a carbon or stainless steel housing should suffice or you can get a complete stainless steel option.

Certification for flame arrestors is crucial to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. Accredited certifications validate the effectiveness and reliability of these devices in preventing the propagation of flames. Compliance with certification requirements demonstrates a commitment to safety protocols, assuring users of the flame arrester’s quality and suitability for hazardous environments.

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