316 Stainless Steel 1000Psi Inline Check Valve, BSP Threaded


316 Stainless Steel 1000PSI Inline Check Valve, BSP Threaded

One Piece Stainless steel valves are ideal for a wide range of applications. It has a smaller bore and a PTFE seat for improved performance and longevity. For ease of installation, the valve is lockable and features a BSP threaded connection. It can withstand a maximum pressure of 1000psi and is appropriate for a variety of liquids and gases. This 1000 psi inline check valve made of 316 stainless steel is intended to deliver dependable, durable performance in a range of applications. It has a BSP thread for simple installation and a corrosion-resistant design. The valve’s quick opening and closing characteristics enable accurate control of fluid flow. Additionally, the valve is made to be self-cleaning, guaranteeing that it will always be free of contaminants and debris. 

The valve can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications and is rated for up to 1000 psi. For applications that require dependable, durable performance, it is the best option.

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